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I Have Submitted an Abstract, But Now I Am Unable To Attend And Present It At The Conference. Can A Co-Author / Colleague Present It on My Behalf?

If you are unable to attend and present at the conference, you may request the organizing committee at to allow your colleague or co-author to present on your behalf. Your replacement must not be involved in any other presentation at the conference. 

The suggested replacement must complete their conference registration separately in order to present at the conference. In case the registration deadline of over for the conference, you may inform the conference organizing committee about presentation change at least 30 days prior to the conference. 

In cases where you cannot attend the conference and instead want to propose another person at your place, you can ask for substitution before 30 days of starting of the Congress. However, the proposed individual must have a relevant background according to the theme of the conference. They must also have done their research in the conference relevant topics that they can showcase at the conference based on their participation level (pending approval by Scientific Committee). You need to inform the congress coordinator promptly via email as soon as possible to ensure the registration of the replacing delegate in the Congress.